What is WISE?

WISELogoWomen in Science and Engineering (WISE) is a University of Calgary student organization dedicated to supporting and encouraging women who are interested or engaged in science or engineering careers. WISE works towards fostering an academic environment where both female and male students can promote the participation of women in science and engineering. Established in 1990, WISE provides a support system for students through course reviews, educational tutorials, guest speakers, field trips, connection groups,student mixer events, speaker series, research symposiums, graduate school information nights, a scholarship and much, much more.

How do I join?

The easiest way to join WISE is to drop by our office in Science A 120 during one of the executive's office hours (they are posted on the door).

A membership costs $5.00 and is effective for the entire year.

Take care of your membership card! It is required that you have a membership and present your card in order to attend the WISE organized tutorials! If it is lost, you will need to pay the membership fee again in order to get a new one.

Why should I join?

There are many benefits to being a WISE member. Firstly, membership enables your inclusion in a friendly, well-known community – you can make friends and a contribute to a better society. Secondly, members receive discounts at many external outlets, such as courses at Renert and Kaplan, as well as the Stör, Bound & Copied, and the Den and Black Lounge. Thirdly, you need a membership to attend a WISE Event.